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Sonicglow Gift Card

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Scent is personal. That’s what gift cards are for.

You pick the amount, they select their scent and we’ll ship a handmade candle that’s beautifully packaged for an experience that will unwrap itself over and over with every light.

Sonicglow gift cards are emailed as a digital download for instant gifting, making it the perfect forethought (or afterthought) for any occasion.

+ Gift cards never expire
+ Available in several denominations
+ Send instantly via email


Sonicglow Gift Card

Candid reviews from our community

I was finally able to enjoy the candle I bought from Sonicglow. I absolutely love it. It even smells great when not lit!!


I've been burning my candles and I'm genuinely impressed. They totally eclipse those mainstream, big-name brands. The scents are richer and last longer. A little tip I discovered – once the wicks get too short, I don't throw the candle away. Instead, I put it on a wax burner to get every last bit of fragrance out. It's a great way to make the most out of these amazing candles.


The candles smell amazing and the packaging is cool and unique!! Arrived a day early too!


I received my candle today. It was nicely packaged and the smell is out of this world! My husband opened the package and started burning the candle before I got home. Trust me, it has to smell great if he started burning it that quickly!


I love the sample tins. They've helped me find my most favorite scents.