A hand holds a sleek black, ecoluxe Saturday Night scented candle from Sonicglow with a vibrant, retro label, against a blurred backdrop of a colorful disco ball dance floor lights

Retro scents

The powdery glow of the 70s. The rebellious musk of young adulthood. From cultural trends to personal memories from decades past, our retro scents infuse your home with timeless style and sweet nostalgia.

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Hot takes from Sonicglow customers

I can not stress this enough, these candles are the best. I started out with Carefree Days and both scent packs. The scent pack lead me to Seven Mile. That is my favorite scent ever. I ordered two because someone swiped my Carefree Days. This time I am prepared. I got him his own!


Candle is flat out gorgeous! And the packaging is incredible. I loved that I received a sample smell, customer service at its best. I already know this will be the next candle ordered! If you are on the fence about this candle, take the plunge, you will love your candle and this company!


Sonicglow candles feature sophisticated and delightful scent combinations. The experience is further sensually enhanced by extraordinarily aesthetic packaging with an attention to detail that is rare these days. Receiving a Sonicglow candle will be a memorable highlight of your day.


From the time you receive the candle, you can tell the care that went into making them. The scents are one of a kind, changing as the candle burns. The packaging is really cool, retro, unlike anything you’ve seen for candles. The stories that inspired the candle scents will take you back to the days of your youth.


Rock your senses

Music and fragrance are a scentsational match. Every Sonicglow candle is paired with a curated mixtape to unlock the soundtracks of your life. Turn on and tune in.

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Luxury scented candles meant to disrupt the status glow. Made with premium and natural ingredients in San Diego, California.