For the best Sonicglow experience, follow our candle care tips every time you burn and learn how to extend the life of your favorite fragrance.

Respect the flame

Candle safety is important stuff. Never abandon your fiery friend and always keep it away from flammable stuff, drafty areas, kiddos, fur babies and wobbly surfaces.

Before burning, trim your wick to 0.25" every time to prevent excessive carbon build-up (aka "mushrooming"), which can burn through the wax faster.

If your flame starts acting up with a tall, 1" flame or a smoke show that rivals a rock concert, extinguish it immediately, let the wax chill for about 2 hours, then trim the wick to 0.25 inches. Stay cool, stay in control and keep your candle game strong.

More game for your flame


    As your candle nears its end, follow these tips to get the most bang for your buck

  • Stop the burn

    Retire your candle when there’s 0.25 inches of wax left.

  • Freeze the wax

    Freeze your vessel for a few hours and pop the wax out with a butter knife.

  • Use a wax warmer

    Drop the wax into a wax warmer and melt into hours of more ambiance.

  • Reuse the vessel

    Repurpose your glass vessel for future adventures.

History reheats itself

Candles have a memory, and the length of burn time determines how a candle behaves. To prevent your candle from "tunneling" into itself, we recommend you burn your Sonicglow candle long enough on every burn so the wax pools to the edge of the vessel. (About 1 hour.)

If your candle has started tunneling, wrap the rim of the candle vessel in aluminum foil and let it burn for 2–3 hours. This should correct itself and reshape your candle to a flat surface.

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