Inspired by personal tales and cultural trends from decades past, Sonicglow candles capture memories and experiences that are a wild fusion of the familiar and the untamed.

Every candle begins with a custom blend of perfume-grade fragrance oils concocted by our mastermind, Cheryl Roder-Quill, until it captures a distinct memory so potent it hits like déjà vu smackdown.

Fragrances are mixed with premium coconut + soy wax and hand-poured in small batches from our studio in San Diego, California.

From the glass vessels to the tape on the boxes, all our packaging is made from fully reusable or recyclable materials and give the middle finger to disposable waste.


We choose premium ingredients that are kind on our planet and safe on your lungs.

Coconut + soy wax blend burns clean and smooth for less particle pollution in your home while diffusing scent better than paraffin or soy wax.

Phthalate-free fragrance oils follow strict safety standards and give our candles big ass scent throws that make bold statements without causing headaches.

Natural cotton braided wicks are lead and zinc-free to produce a consistent flame for a slow, steady burn.

Fragrance profiles

Our candles are armed with fully-loaded scent profiles that contain a big fragrance-to-wax ratio because life isn’t quiet — and neither are our candles.

We source our fragrances from industry-leading purveyors and create our own uniquely personalized line of scents, testing countless custom blends to ensure a perfect recipe that’s familiar yet mysterious.

When you get a whiff of our candles, you’re peeling back the layers to a complex fragrance profile that’s divided into three distinct scent categories —

  • Top Notes

    The Alpha Scents

    The strongest scents that hit your nose when sniffing the candle and often evaporate the quickest once lit. Frequently has a fresh, light and crisp sensation.

  • Middle Notes

    The Shapeshifters

    The evolving scents that define the candle's personality and blur the edge of the dominant top notes. Typically has a refreshing, mellow and well-rounded aura.

  • Base Notes

    The Bottom Dwellers

    The underlying scents that give your candle its foundation and tend to linger after you blow out the candle. Often has a rich, deep, musky or warming allure.