Sonicglow candles are more than wax and wick. They're nostalgic statement pieces meant to disrupt the world of home fragrances.

Every Sonicglow candle is a timeless vessel ready to yank you from the present and thrust you into the depths of forgotten moments.

We've set out to create ambiance that ignites your fondest memories, amplifies your best moments and sparks insatiable curiosity.

Dive into a sensory journey with Sonicglow, where fragrances, visuals and sounds relight the most electric, euphoric chapters of your life.

Burn bright

We believe that a kickass candle is meant to crank up a mood, not collect dust on a corner shelf. We're here to create olfactory scentscapes that'll kick you in the nose, glorify your favorite moments in time and set your passion ablaze for living a badass life.

Candles don’t just light up a room. They stimulate our creativity and let us explore the world through scent and stories. We spend weeks designing a single candle from the label up, so we can bring you a vibrant, full-bodied experience that’s loud in every way.

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Live loud

Music and memories are a power-packed duo. We've created mixtapes dripping with nostalgia-infused bangers that'll rock your world alongside our candles. Crank up one of our playlists and supercharge your Sonicglow experience.

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Meet the maker

Cheryl Roder-Quill jots down smells wherever she goes. She’s been doing it for years, filling dozens of notebooks with scent notes that capture timeless details.

A professional graphic designer, Cheryl has always told stories through colors, shapes and typography. As a byproduct of 70s + 80s culture, the punk scene, lowbrow art + film and decades of domestic + international travels, her inspiration runs deep.

Cheryl started Sonicglow as a way to merge her love for visual and visceral storytelling — to create a vivid experience where 2-dimensional design ends and sensory design begins.