The smells & sounds of

Saturday Night

This isn’t just another Saturday night. It’s a visceral feast of disco hits, dayglo lights and the unbreakable bond of friends as strong as permahold hairspray.

The 1970s and 1980s were a time of bold fashion, neon lights and endless sensory experiences that rival all other decades. Roller skating was a cultural phenomenon at this time, bringing together a room full of kids that spanned every age — from the youngest generation to the young at heart — and forging memories that became the basis for every kids’ childhood in this era.

As you entered the skating rink, you’d get hit with the unmistakable smell of popcorn, cotton candy and the delicate aroma of Love's Baby Soft perfume. Combined, it was the fragrance that signaled the beginning of a typical Saturday night adventure, where gossip, laughs and the pursuit of your grade school crush were inevitably waiting.

The world of roller disco

Pop, rock and disco hits would pulse from the DJ booth, filling the skating rink with excitement, adrenaline and hormones. The smooth, polished surface of the roller rink emitted a low hum in the background as roller skates glided across the floor, with occasional squawks of vinyl wheels as expert skaters would power slide to a stop in hopes of impressing their crush.

Neon lights and glittery disco balls shimmered in every direction in a mesmerizing synchronicity with each beat of the music and dousing the rink and the skaters in a magical aura. It was youthful glamour at its finest — frozen in time by mega-hold hairspray and the sticky, confetti-striped carpets.

Our Saturday Night candle and matching playlist serves as the perfect backdrop to reignite the exhilaration and joy of these childhood weekends. Our curated playlist includes iconic tracks from bands like Ohio Players, Wild Cherry, The Trammps, Alicia Bridges, Joe Simon, Kool & The Gang, Heatwave, The Emotions, KC & The Sunshine Band, Rose Royce, Chaka Khan and Bay City Rollers, whose classic hit “Saturday Night” inspired this very candle.

Every song is hand-picked to capture the contagious fun that would flow through the skating rink, delivering the sparkle of the 70s and 80s to your home today. Crank up your speakers, turn on the mood lighting and enjoy the sensory experience of your Saturday Night.