Inside the candle

Pacific Beach

Surf, sun and the sweet vibe of Pacific Beach, California. That’s where our journey begins.

Picture this - you’re soaking up that happy SoCal sun, chilling on a boardwalk patio with a cold, refreshing cocktail, warm sand in your toes, a salty ocean mist on your face, enjoying a vibe while life does its thing — skating, rolling and strolling by. It’s a whole mood.

We bottled up that flavor into our one of our best-selling candles, Pacific Beach — a tribute to one of San Diego's oldest and most refreshing neighborhoods... and Sonicglow founder Cheryl Roder-Quill's backyard. A custom blend of minty mojito cocktails, salty Pacific Ocean air and warm sunshine make this a year-round favorite fragrance that’ll transport you straight to beach life, no matter how landlocked you are.

The sounds of Southern california

To crank up your candle vibes, we built a playlist that enhances the scents and sounds of Pacific Beach. Light up your Pacific Beach candle and tune into our Spotify playlist with psychedelic surf rock tracks and experimental grooves from musicians like The Drums, Grimes, DIIV, Gorillaz, Wavves, Washed Out, Smith Westerns, Porcelain Raft, Fidlar and Real Estate.

This playlist isn’t your typical beach bro vibe; it’s a curated selection of creative, independent artists that’ll leave you as invigorated as a plunge into the Pacific Ocean. Distorted sounds, reverb effects, dreamy soundscapes and experimental riffs from the 2000s and 2010s will tingle your senses like fresh mint on your tongue and crash through your speakers like relentless ocean waves.

Light up your candle, tune in to our playlist and kick back. Let the Pacific Beach vibes take over, and ride the wave.