Inside the candle

Golden Years

A sun-kissed glow, lazy afternoons and the radiant nostalgia for carefree days under the summer sky. Welcome to the best moments of your youth.

Step into the Golden Years of time — an era of wasted youth and unbridled nostalgia. Perhaps no decade captures this better than the 1970s, when rules were meant to be broken… if there were any rules at all. In a world devoid of digital tech, youth in the 70s meant tearing through the streets on banana set bikes, coming home past dark, swimming in lakes without a care, basking in the sun on aluminum-frame lounge chairs while slathered in baby oil, tuning into Motown hits on a transistor radio and always kicking it with your friends.

We’ve harnessed the essence of these simple and sentimental glory days into a nostalgic candle that’s part sweet, part musky — a fragrant trip that explores the tanning oils, fuzzy green grass and the warmth of cedar trees of the times. It’s a fragrance that defies the constraints of time, even today.

A throwback to simpler songs

To complement this candle, our Golden Years playlist is paired with hits from the 1970s that capture the euphoria of misspent youth during summer vacation. But it’s more than just a playlist; it’s a sonic journey into a cultural melting pot of music where funky beats and soulful melodies rule. Feel the rhythm with Mungo Jerry, Elton John and David Bowie — whose "Golden Years" anthem sets the mood for this candle. Groove to Chicago, T. Rex, Roxy Music, Nick Gilder, Earth Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, Hues Corporation and The Spinners — gatekeepers of youth culture in the 70s.

Whether you lived this decade or long to experience this decade, our Golden Years playlist and matching candle is an ambient portal into a bygone era that beckons you to visit and chill for a little while longer. Hit the play button and brace yourself for a blast into the past.