Our environmental pledge

Our environmental pledge

My husband and I have an insatiable appetite for travel, spending decades journeying across the globe, fueled by our passion for outdoor adventures and wildlife.

Our wanderlust has guided us through an incredible array of countries, including Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, DRC, Maldives, South Africa, Curacao, Spain, Costa Rica, France, Zanzibar, Jamaica, Bahamas, the US, Mexico, Canada and a multitude of other captivating destinations, exploring the delicate landscapes, environments and cultures that make each country special.

Sonicglow founder, Cheryl, and husband, Erin Quill on safari. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Uganda (2019). © Photo credit - Cheryl Roder-Quill
Erin and I, near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Uganda (2019). 
Photo credit - Cheryl Roder-Quill


In our pursuit of wildlife encounters, we have been privileged to witness - up close - an incredible array of wildlife, such as majestic mountain gorillas, playful spider monkeys, cheeky baboons, gentle elephants, curious chimpanzees, rhinos, graceful giraffes, leopards, eastern lowland gorillas, vervet monkeys, vocal howler monkeys, numerous bird species, moose, enchanting golden monkeys, hippos, regal lions, inquisitive coati, bears, spiky porcupines, cheetahs, warthogs, serpents in all their diversity, a plethora of marine life and a multitude of small, fascinating creatures. 

These wildlife encounters have left us feeling more empathetic and compassionate for all living things on this planet and have deepened our understanding about the relationships of the natural world around us.

And it’s these intricate observations about life that have shaped the very essence of Sonicglow — capturing special connections not only with people, but with the animals, environments and experiences that define a moment in time. Many of our current and in-development candles are inspired by these travels and my deeper observations about natural habitats.

Golden Monkey in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda (2019). © Photo credit - Cheryl Roder-Quill
Golden Monkey in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda (2019).
Photo credit - Cheryl Roder-Quill


We strive to prioritize environmentally responsible practices in every aspect of our production process. From our carefully selected vendors and sustainably sourced candle ingredients, to our eco-friendly packaging and printing ink, every element is crafted with the utmost attention to environmental sustainability. Our natural coconut-soy wax burns smooth and slow for a prolonged burn that’s safer and longer lasting than paraffin wax. Our cotton wicks, essential oils and fragrance oils are non-toxic and phthalate free for healthy and headache-free air quality. Our glass vessels are reusable and all other packaging is recyclable.

Minimizing Sonicglow’s environmental impact is a pledge I make every day. Our attention to quality, consistency and detail is something I hope, one day, will be the norm, not the exception, for all businesses.

Still, I know Sonicglow can always do better. In honor of Earth Day, I am donating 10% of all Sonicglow candle sales to Endangered Species International from now through April 30. This California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit addresses the real and urgent need to save endangered species, leveraging science, research and fieldwork to affect change in local, national and global policies. At any time, they are actively working on dozens of projects to stop species extinction wherever it occurs.

Please join me in supporting this essential organization and continuing to preserve the wellbeing of our planet. Simply shop through our website to get started. On May 1, we’ll total our revenue and donate 10% to Endangered Species International.

Thank you for making a global impact by shopping small.


Cheryl Roder-Quill  Sonicglow founder